Megapari Terms

Main Terms and Conditions

The following Megapari Betting Rules (hereafter referred to as the Rules) govern the method in which bets are accepted, wins are paid, and disputes are resolved, as well as the special peculiarities of certain bets on specific sports. These Rules regulate any additional interactions between Megapari and the consumer.
These Rules apply to all bets placed on the Internet and at Megapari betting facilities.

Megapari Terms and Conditions

Betis a risk-driven agreement for prospective gains entered into between the client and the bookmaker under the set Rules, where the fulfillment of such agreement is contingent on the outcome of an event that has yet to be determined. Bets are accepted based on the terms and conditions set by the bookmaker.
Betting resultis the outcome of the event (events) on which the bet was made.
PlayerA person placing a bet on a selected odds and a certain outcome.
Cancellation of betis a result in which the bet is not settled and no winnings are paid. According to the Rules, in the event of “bet cancellation,” an agreement between the bookmaker and the customer is regarded uncompleted, and the investment is reimbursed.
Betting in regular timeis the length of the match as determined by the rules of the applicable sport, including time added by the referee. Extra time, overtime(s), penalty shootouts, and so on are not included in regular time.