Megapari Privacy Policy

The Megapari management team and its staff place a high value on the security of your personal data and general secrecy.
We are dedicated to increasing transparency in how we use and safeguard your data. This Privacy Policy has been updated to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
This Privacy Policy describes our data processing procedures as well as your alternatives for how your personal information is handled.

Megapari recognizes and accepts responsibility for giving clear information about how we utilize cookies to you, our customers, and we ensure that anyone visiting our website may make the appropriate choice.

If you have any requests, concerns, or ideas about your personal data, or if you have any general questions about how to handle and use the services that we provide, please contact us at

We also urge that you email specific information regarding any problems to

Megapari Privacy Policy

Consent to personal data processing

Megapari will only process your personal data once you have explicitly indicated your permission, which establishes and verifies your freely given, explicit, informed, and unambiguous consent to the use of your personal data (hereinafter “Consent”).
The consent you freely, voluntarily, and in your best interests offer us is explicit, informed, and aware.
Your permission to the processing of personal data may be provided to us by you or your representative in any format that allows us to establish receipt.

Personal Data Processing Consent

How we use personal information?

We use the personal details you supply to us to deliver our Offerings, provide customer service, ensure the necessary security, conduct identity verification and checks, process any of your online transactions, and to assist you in participating in third-party promotions that meet certain business conditions, as well as for any other purposes related to the operation of our gaming Services.
As a result, when providing our services, we may share your personal information with carefully chosen partners (including any other parties that have arrangements with you about the sharing of your data).

How we use personal information